What is the role of religion, spirituality and health on clients

What is the difference between the way progressives (Chemerinsky) and libertarians/conservatives (Eastman) interpret the Constitution. Describe…

What is the role of religion, spirituality and health.

What is the difference between the way progressives (Chemerinsky) and libertarians/conservatives (Eastman) interpret the Constitution. Describe the difference between the two approaches to the Constitution in at least two of the cases mentioned in the video. Given the whole of the conversation, with whose judicial philosophy to do you tend to agree? Why?

Unit 5 Discussion – Cultural and Spiritual Assessment

For the cultural and spiritual assessment, I interviewed a family member. As expected, spirituality affects this client in a major way considering that he is a devout Roman Catholic adherent. Cultural practices also have their impact on the client although not as pronounced when compared to spirituality. The respondent reminisces that as an American of Brazilian descent he was brought up on rice and pasta. According to Klabunde et al. (2020), newly arrived immigrants in the USA tend to be healthier but this diminishes with time for example among immigrants. These researchers noted that that the prevalence of obesity increased as the number of years the immigrant individuals have resided in the US. Among the factors contributing to this phenomenon are acculturation or acceptance and adoption of cultural practices and behaviors common in the host culture. An example of dietary acculturation is increased consumption of soft drinks and fast foods compared to Brazil- their native country. Every healthcare provider knows the health complications associated with obesity thus calling for a larger scope of healthcare practice that goes past the conventional physician- patient relationship (Alese & Alese, 2020).

/religion, spirituality and health

On spiritual assessment, the tool utilized was the Open Invite Mnemonic to understand spiritual care process (Damberg Nissen et al, 2020). Such an instrument incorporates the existential spiritual, and religious aspects of the client’s life. Utilization of this spiritual assessment model enables the provider to practice interventions that improve the general preparedness of the care provider and help the client’s spiritual needs. Below are some excerpts from my open invite spiritual assessment.

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religion, spirituality and health./


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Me: May I ask you of religious inclinations?

Client: I am a devout Roman Catholic faithful who attends church every Sunday whenever I can.

Me: When going through a rough patch in life, what spiritual tools do you use to overcome or cope with the trying situation?

Client: Prayer holds the key. I pray on a daily basis but during tough times, the prayers are customized to address, request answers for the troubling issue.


Me: Do you consider that your spiritual health directly impacts on your general physical health?

Client:  In my considered opinion yes. If something is amiss in my life say physical discomfort, Experience has taught me that praying during these times strengthens me besides uplifting my spirits.

Me: Does this mean your spiritual health influences the decisions you make concerning your health?

Client: Absolutely. Take an example when the doctor prescribes or recommends some measures that I do not like, it is through prayers that UI get clarity and peace of mind.

Me: Can you cite any recommendations demonstrating how your care provider supports your spiritual health?

Client: In the past, I have operations performed and I remember the surgeon and operating room staff prayed together with me before I fell asleep. This act of praying together reinforced my connection with the Supreme Being. The hospital also allowed me to have access to my priest which further gave me inner peace of mind that knows no boundaries.


Alese, J. T., & Alese, O. B. (2020). Comparison of physical activity as an obesity-related behavior between immigrants and native-born US adults. Palgrave Communications6(1), 1-7.

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