What are the most relevant concepts you have learned in this course? In the MSL program?


Recognizing that all four frames are useful as a lens for evaluating organizations, do you believe that any one of the four frames is more informative relative to our understanding of the University of Missouri case? If so, which frame (or frames), and why? 

What are the most relevant concepts you have learned in this course? In the MSL program?

I believe that the case study of University of Missouri is complicated, with some undertones that not everyone notices because of the emphasis on Mr. Bunn and his suggestions, which sparked an uproar within the local community and in the university (Bolman et al., 2014). As a result, I think the two frames; structural and human resource are more helpful about the case study. Nevertheless, the other frames, serve to provide a possibility for different points of view in the process of decision making.

I say this because the University of Missouri is a well-structured institution that has been in existence since the 1830s as shown at HRM assignment help, and when dealing with financial difficulties, they relied on their function and structure to help them fix the problem (Bolman et al., 2014). In this case, I presume the structural frame has the most sway since the University was attempting to reorganize the whole institution in a way that backed long-term objectives. The University had grown too big and was not prepared to deal with a decrease in cash inflow. Financial issues necessitate performance and the establishment of ambitions that can sustain that level of efficiency. Institutions must have a vision in order to remain effective and provide a path forward to their stakeholders.

The human resource frame also comes into effect because the university depend on its employees to execute the work required for the organization to survive, and eventually thrive (Vincent,2014). Sadly, for the university, the implementation of the cost-cutting plans fell short since they failed to continue to use the hierarchy and function to implement the task at hand at the most crucial juncture. Instead, they delegated authority to one man with no requirement to consult with others.

Nevertheless, the most important concept that I have gained from this course is that there are numerous perspectives on an institution. When it comes to ethical questions and issues, and even the military employs similar practices, but the four frames are essential for a leader to recognize when tasked with running an organization (Vincent,2014). Moreover, I believe that the institution should be continuously assessed using the frames, allowing the leadership to gauge the corporation and resolve issues before they become challenges. The most important takeaway from the MSL program, in my opinion, is that top management is universal. It makes no difference whether the organization is military, commercial, or medium sized business The aim is to convince others to work together to achieve a common goal. 

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