Unit 2 Discussion 1 Reply (NU500-8B- Concept Analysis) 1

Unit 2 Discussion 1 Reply (NU500-8B- Concept Analysis) 1: The concept analysis method used in this article is the Walker and Avant approach which focuses on the explained attributes of a concept. According to the authors of the article, Walker and Avant’s approach can help to provide a clearer image of cancer-related psychological distress and acknowledge the concept as important and relevant in patients who have received a cancer diagnosis.  

Author’s aim and purpose for doing the concept analysis

The authors’ aim and purpose for doing the concept analysis on this topic are to clarify the concept of cancer-related psychological distress which is separate from non-cancer-related psychological distress. The authors also aim at promoting the use of the term in nursing practice and research when talking about cancer care. According to the authors, while psychological distress refers to the negative feelings or emotions affecting a person’s daily function, cancer-related psychological distress is different in that it could cause major psychiatric illness and symptoms of depression that are caused by the cancer diagnosis.  


Defining attributes of the concept

Cancer-related psychological distress can be defined using four attributes: depression, anxiety, fear, and feeling discouraged. Depression refers to symptoms such as a lack of appetite and fatigue and is linked to a history of depression and lack of social support. Anxiety is an uneasiness of mind that comes because of the impending illness. Fear occurs when patients have lost a projected future while discouragement occurs when there is a loss of enthusiasm.

Benefits of completing a Concept Analysis

Completing a concept analysis for nursing theory development research and nursing practice is important as it helps to inform a nurse how to define a concept and how to use it in a study, how to select appropriate instruments to measure the concept, and how to use the concept in clinical practice.

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