This research paper is answering the question, “Should eSports be treated exactly like traditional competitive team sports in high school and college, in terms of organizations and federations like the CIF and the NCAA?” The word count of the paper (minus the cover page and works cited) must be under 2000 words. I have already supplied sources to use, plus the stimulus document. The stimulus document must be used in the paper (once in the introduction paragraph and again in a body paragraph). The paper must have an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The three body paragraphs must be written from historical, economic, and  a social/cultural perspective (with each paragraph being a different perspective). Attached I have included the outline that the essay should ideally follow plus the sources I have collected. If there are not enough sufficient sources to complete the essay, then feel free to add your own sources to the essay (keep in mind that the stimulus source must be used twice as I said earlier).

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