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SPSS Assignment 3

An investigator is interested in predicting scores for a measure of cognitive function from the number of hours of sleep a person gets on average. She obtains scores for both the number of hours of sleep and cognitive function from 12 people. Higher scores for cognitive function reflect higher levels of performance.

Hours of Cognitive

Sleep Function

———— ————

8.1 100

5.4 79

6.1 72

7.4 62

9.0 122

8.5 89

6.4 76

9.4 131

8.7 110

7.6 92

9.3 101

9.2 115


First, create an SPSS data file with the data above.

Use SPSS as needed to complete the following:

  1. Write and submit the null and alternative hypotheses for the relationship between sleep and cognitive functioning.
  2. Compute r. Submit the value of the correlation coefficient between the number of hours of sleep and scores on the measure of cognitive function.
  3. Is the correlation coefficient significantly different from zero at alpha .05?
  4. What is the significance level (p-value) for this test?
  5. What conclusion should the investigator draw on the basis of this test with regard to the null hypothesis?
  6. What is the regression equation used to obtain predicted scores for cognitive function from the number of hours of sleep?
  7. Using the regression equation, what will the predicted score for cognitive function be if a person reports that they get 6.7 hours of sleep?
  8. What is the standardized regression coefficients?
  9. What percentage of variance in cognitive function is accounted for by amount of sleep account?
  10. What is the value for the standard error of estimate?
  11. Use SPSS to create a scatterplot with the number of hours of sleep on the X-axis and scores for cognitive function on the Y-axis. Please have SPSS display the regression line within this scatterplot.

Submit your answers to #1-11 in a Word document. Please upload your file to Blackboard using the Attach File option.