Signature Themes Discussion Reply (With 2 References)

Signature Themes Discussion Reply (With 2 References): The results of my strength finder assessment revealed my five signature themes are harmony, empathy, futuristic, developer, and discipline…

Signature Themes Discussion Reply (With 2 References)

The results of my strength finder assessment revealed my five signature themes are harmony, empathy, futuristic, developer, and discipline. This is basically saying I avoid conflict because I do not believe that the tension derived from conflict accomplishes anything, I can sense the feelings of those I interact with and can see others’ perspectives whether I agree with them or not, I look to the future rather than focusing on the past, I can see what others have to contribute to the situation at hand and make them feel successful in their efforts, and I am basically a creature of habit that requires organization and order. I feel this is a very accurate description of myself.

            The two values I would most like to keep strong an continue to develop would be empathy and developer. I truly believe that first impressions should never be the basis of decisions regarding individuals. You never know what lies below the surface. Everyone has strengths and some are more aware than others of what those are. I enjoy seeing those strengths and bringing them to awareness and building on that. This also involves empathy.

Without being able to experience things from another perspective, it is not possible to really get to know that individual. To know someone’s strengths, you must be able to see their world as they see it. From a leadership standpoint, empathy is necessary to connect and build a respectful, healthy relationship with those who work with you. This relationship is the foundation on which everything in the system is built and needs to be solid for successful outcomes (Masters in Communication, 2021).

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            I value being empathetic to others and being able to view the world through more than one lens. I would like to uphold this value in all that I do now and going forward with my career. Another core value I hold dear is my ability to be a team member. I know when a leader is needed and when I need to step back and let the experts take control. I love being part of a collaborative team. I feel reassured that good decisions are being made when the perspective of more than one individual of the care team is involved in the process. There is a reason for a care team and that speaks for itself.

            Two of the values I would improve on would be harmony and discipline. While conflict is not desirable, it can be constructive. Not everyone is going to agree all the time on issues and those differences need to be addressed and resolved. Giotis (2010, para. 2) states that “conflict is the driving force for change”. Constructive resolution can lead to great results and new ideas. As leaders, it is our job to work through conflict and come to a resolution that can benefit everyone involved (Giotis, 2010).

Signature Themes Discussion Reply (With 2 References)

            The world of nursing is not predictable. Needing complete order and structure is not necessarily a bad thing, but there needs to be some room for the unpredictable. I am the first to admit that I like things done a particular way, but this is not always the best way. “Change is inevitable, we must embrace it, champion positive change, and acknowledge the feelings that arise during the process” (Carlson, 2015, para. 14).

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