Revision: Each of the five power skills is reasonably described. The discussion addressing executive function is not supported by a scholarly source.

Two power skills are appropriately identified for each of the given points. However, the descriptions explaining how the advanced-practice nurse would use each skill to achieve the given results are not fully developed. Please provide additional details to explain how the skills would be applied.

Holding staff meetings, such as through Zoom, is described as a way to find out what matters to the staff. Steps 2, 3, and 4 of the “IHI Framework for Improving Joy in the Work” are not adequately described. Please provide additional detail to explain how the APN would apply these steps in the workplace.

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My notes

1. Use Executive Function (scholarly source) below

Academy of Management Perspectives 2021, Vol. 35, No. 1, 142–164.




2. Use “Advanced Practice Nurse” How to apply power skills 

3. IHI Framework 4 Steps- 1. Initiate a zoom meeting establish what is important to staff and clear vision. 2. Staff/management Advance practice nurse, Come together to discuss removing impediments. 3. Leadership, advanced practice nurse and staff come together to create an improved work place. 4. Plan of improvement is accelerated,  joyful and productive workplace is Achieved. 

4. APA Format -check 7th 

Part C

Using the power skills in the handling of any kind of challenging situations is vital in the nursing profession. Working in the leadership role as a qualified RN will need the utility of the essential power skills in the management of any kind of challenging situations. Dependent on the individual skill set will help in the determination of the manner in which that mind of individual will effectively control the given situation. So as to effectively enhance the reactions associated with these kinds of situations, the professional nurses will be required to effectively comprehend social as well as emotional intelligence (Johnson, 2020).

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Emotional intelligence is considered to be involved in the comprehensive understanding of one’s own emotions . The power skills that are involved in the professional presence as well as influence are self awareness as well as self management, interpersonal type of communication , social awareness and executive functions. The key mastery associated with these types of power skills will help in the creation of a less stressful environment and enhance the capability to take care of any challenging situations (Neligan & Gurtner, 2018). 

Social & Emotional Intelligence Power Skills

1. Self Awareness

Through the nurses being self aware, they are always in a better position to effectively comprehend their different kinds of personality as well as feelings and even motivations. It is also associated with being highly mindful of their identified reactions to the different kinds of situations as well as being effectively aware the manner in which they are presenting themselves in the office. When handling any kind of challenging situation in the workplace, it is always vital to appropriately identify oneself first prior to the responding as well as being mindful of the perceptions of other people (Neligan & Gurtner, 2018). 

2. Self Management

Self management is considered to be the capability to be highly responsible for ones behavior. It is regarded as being a type of a skill which will help an individual in being highly organized along with effective in all the different kinds of activities. Impulse control as well as the capability to effectively manage time, being self motivated and even self discipline are considered as being some of the skills associated with self management. While taking care of any kind of challenging type of situations, resilience as well as impulse control can help in assisting with not effectively allowing emotions of any kind to take over. Also the pursuit of the initiative may reveal that one is willing and capable to handle the given situation (Perlo et al., 2017).

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3. Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is essential for the professional nursing. It is associated with the capability to effectively establish as well as in the maintenance of healthy along with supportive kinds of relationships and to appropriately navigate the settings with the diverse kinds of people and even groups. This is associated with the capacities to effectively communicate in a comprehensive way as well as in listening actively and working collaboratively to offer the most appropriate problem solutions and in the negotiation of any kind of conflict in a constructive way. It is essential in the demonstration of cultural competence as well as practicing effective leadership (Johnson, 2020).

4. Executive Function

Executive Function is associated with the responsible decision making. It is associated with the Capabilities to make Caring as well as constructive kinds of choices in regard to the personal behavior as well as the social kinds of interactions across situations that are diverse. This entails the capacities to put into consideration the ethical kinds of standards as well as safety concerns and in the evaluation of the advantages and the outcomes regarding the various types of actions for the personal as well as collective well being. It helps in the demonstration of open mindedness as well as in the identification of personal along with social issues.

5. Social Awareness

The Capabilities to comprehend the identified perspective associated with and in the empathizing with other individuals inclusive of the ones from the diverse backgrounds as well as cultures is associated with knowledge in social awareness. This entails the Capabilities to feel the empathy for other people and in the comprehension of the broader as well as historical and even social norms for distinct situations (Neligan & Gurtner, 2018). 

Application of Social & Emotional Power Skills

· A Professional Presence

The power skills that would be applicable in this case are the social awareness as well as executive function. They would be used in ensuring that there is a dynamic blend of self confidence as well as control in professionalism in the nursing field. This is key in ensuring assurance.

· Enhanced Mindfulness In Healthcare

The power skills to be applied in this case are self management as well as social awareness. They are key in the increment of evidence that the learning to effectively practice mindfulness at all times can lead to enhanced personal well being as well as resilience in operations in healthcare.

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· Positive social presence to promote a sense of caring and belonging

Social presence is key in the effective learning practice and in the comprehensive understanding of social presence. The power skills of interpersonal communication and self awareness will be applicable here to help in the allowing of improved support all round in the healthcare facilities.

· A culture of joy to solve the problem of incivility in the workplace and initiate organizational change

The applicable power skills in this case are executive function as well as social awareness. They will help in asking individuals about their well being and doing something about despite the differences in culture. It will also help in the practice of conflict resolution (Neligan & Gurtner, 2018). 

Application of Four Steps in IHI Framework

The framework of IHI facilitates safe as well as reliable and appropriate care through offering clarity along with direction to the healthcare firms on the main strategic components of operational excellence. There are various ways in which the four steps can be used by leaders in the effective promotion of healthcare. The first step is asking the staff what is of essence to them. This can be done via the use of meetings physically and on zoom to help in the comprehension of what needs to be changed. The second step is the identification of the unique impediments to happiness in the workplace (Perlo et al., 2017).


This can be done by focusing on the system level impediments as it will help in enhancing joy in the office. Moreover, there is the commission to the systems type of approach to the enhancement of joy in the facility. It can be achieved via equitable sharing of work and benefit. There is also the utility of improvement science to the test methods to enhancing happiness in the workplace by using sustainability approaches (Johnson, 2020).


Johnson, S. (2020). The quadruple aim in nursing and healthcare: Improving care, lowering costs, serving populations, elevating work life.

Neligan, P., & Gurtner, G. (2018). Plastic surgery: Volume one.

Perlo J, Balik B, Swensen S, et al. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2017.

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