References fix needed. Please fix references for the orders: 160370_441074 and 160370_441325…

References fix needed. Please fix references for the orders: 160370_441074 and 160370_441325…

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Nurse up-skill to enhance care for Mental illness Patients

Mental health care is becoming a very emotive healthcare issue today that needs to be mitigated. Present healthcare models and available treatments approaches have failed to sufficiently address the crisis of mental health care globally. Lake and Turner (2017), states that Mental illness contributes to approximately one-third of the global disability. Severe mental illnesses which include the major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and other caused by substance use have affected people in all age groups worldwide including the developed countries such as Canada, United States and European Union counties. However, if not well mitigated, mental illness will be a major global health challenge and the next 21st century pandemic.

In this way, it is only possible for the issue to be mitigated if the nurses dealing with people with mental illnesses have sufficient skills and knowledge to handle them. Although patients with psychological disorders requires acute care, there is no need for a psychiatric nurse. However, there is need for nurses caring for people with mentally illness to be well equipped with proper skills to handle these patients.

Researching PICO(T) question

In order to inquire on the matter, there is a need to formulate a clinical question. Is a widely known research method to frame a leading research question. The questions are divided into key components to make them searchable. The patient population, intervention, control or comparison, the outcome, Timing of the outcome (PICOT), (Grewal, Kataria and Dhawan 2016). PICO(T) question is; what knowledge a nurse needs to have to enhance mental ill patients? In this case;

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· Patients(P)—The important group of patients is the mental illness patients?

· Intervention(I)—What the most important intervention for the mental illness?

· Control(C)—What are the control measures for mental illness disease?

· Outcome(O)—What are the effect of intervention?

Utilization of Boolean Operators

I performed a new search utilizing Boolean operators with search terms “effectiveness AND adult.” CINAHL Plus resulted in 12 articles, and the MEDLINE resulted in 60 articles. After changing “AND” nurse to “OR” nurse or doctor or practitioners or HealthWorks’s, CINALHL resulted to 1,7967,68 and MEDLINE was 5,676,434. This indicates the need to search database more effectively.

Strategies to be Utilized

When carrying out research, it is essential to use scholarly sites simply because most scholarly works and Journal’s publications cannot be found on the google search engine. It is also vital to use resources published within the last five years (Supriyanto et al., 2019). While researching the clinical issue, several databases were utilized, and this includes; MEDLINE and CINAHL.


Grewal, A., Kataria, H., & Dhawan, I. (2016). Literature search for research planning and identification of research problem. Indian journal of anaesthesia60(9), 635.

Lake, J., & Turner, M. S. (2017). Urgent need for improved mental health care and a more collaborative model of care. The Permanente Journal21.


Please fix references for the orders: 160370_441074 and 160370_441325

You may leave the ones that are withing last 5 years ( note this a Power point and a transcript 0 References are the same.

Also add if missing : Describe the levels of evidence in each of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected, including an explanation of the strengths of using systematic reviews for clinical research. Be specific and provide example


They should be :

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NOTE: Only use evidence that has been published in the last five (5) years!!!!.  By doing so, your project will be based on the most current evidence.   If you want to use a classic, older article, reach out to your professor and receive written permission to do so. Otherwise, the reference will not count., and all work related to the article will NOT count.

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