Please provide a brief overview of your EBP project, and discuss…

Please provide a brief overview of your EBP project, and discuss your findings, and the ways you hope to implement them into your nursing Practice. Postings should provide a brief comprehensive overview,  be spellchecked, and be succinct in grammar.

N320W Calendar 8 week

Module 4Weeks 7-8TopicAssigned Content/ReadingsAssignments/Due Dates
Week 7Evidenced Based PracticeIntegration of Research and PracticeProfessional WritingRead: Melnyk EBP text Chapter 15EBP: Putting it all togetherYou have identified your PICO(T) and completed a comprehensive integrated review of the literature. You have discussed the levels of the evidence and the significance of the research identified as it relates to your PICO(T) and identified tools to impart your desired EBP change. Additionally, you have discussed the importance of quality improvement, stakeholder engagement, and outcomes. This week you will be combining Research Review Part I and II as one final Research Review paper. Please begin putting these papers together and complete the suggested edits provided by your instructorBegin working on and complete your Research Review Final Paper. It is important to work on this now even though you may not have instructor feedback. Please review the Example Final Paper found in the module, the instructions and rubrics are found in the content area. Review APA 7th edition manual for correct format. Make sure that you have all elements incorporated from the Final Rubric.Quizzes Due:None this week.DiscussionSubmit the final paper to the Virtual Nursing Symposium found in Week 8 discussion area by Sunday by 11:59pmAssignment:Submit final Research Review to the drop box by Sunday by 11:59pm.
Week 8Course Ends Friday by 5:00pmEvidenced Based PracticeProfessional WritingRead No Reading this week in Melnyk& Fineout-OverholtDiscussion: Participate in the Virtual Nursing Symposium of Final Paper and Course Evaluation.Virtual Nursing Symposium of Final Paper begins Monday. You must provide a profound response to four peers’ papers and answer any questions posed to you regarding your paper. You must participate both days of the Virtual Symposium – Tuesday and Wednesday. Make sure that you have all elements incorporated from the Final RubricPlease complete the course evaluation found in the Week 8 discussion area.Quizzes Due:None due this week.Discussion:Virtual Nursing Symposium and Course Evaluation due by Wednesday by 11:59pmAssignment: Ensure all incomplete assignment are turned in no later than Friday by 5:00pm
See also  Discussion (NURS 6050: Policy And Advocacy For Improving Population Health)

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