The PICOT question is not not logical. Your population does not include patients between 16-40 years of age…



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The PICOT question is not not logical. Your population does not include patients between 16-40 years of age and what about patients between 41-44 years of age. How are you using the patient portal as an intervention since that is too vague. Explain how a lack of understanding is the sole reason the information was lost. You stated earlier that it was the tech savvy that were at higher risk of losing personal information.

A Brief Description of the Clinical Issue

The identified clinical issue is the breaches to the confidentiality of patient information confidentiality breaches encompass the security issues that harm the integrity of organizational information (Hammouchi, 2019). A data breach occurs anytime malicious people access information without legal permission. Therefore, the biggest confidentiality threat is hacking.

The medical profession needs to protect their patients’ confidentiality. They have a moral obligation to ensure the confidentiality and discretion in the healthcare facilities. Medical practice should involve trust between the patients and the physicians (Yeng, 2021). This responsibility of maintaining patient confidentiality provides the basic framework for the presence of some trust level among the healthcare professionals, specifically when developing relationships between the physicians and the patients.

All healthcare officials and personnel need to respect patient confidentiality and safeguard their wellbeing. Health information of patients does not only depend on the diagnoses, objective observations, and recreational activities but also the personal impressions about the clients, their characters, lifestyle, and other recreational activities (Pathak, 2019). Improper disclosure of patient information could potentially harm their reputation and lead to cases of personal humiliation, financial fraud, and loss in great opportunities.

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Various people practice medicine today. They include physicians, surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare personnel. The large number of people visiting hospitals always leaves their information in the hospital’s records (McLeod, 2018). It is for this reason that the healthcare professionals need to protect this information by ensuring strict measures to ensure the confidentiality to patient information. Therefore, healthcare organizations do not condone careless behaviors such as sharing patient information in public, indiscretion, and maliciously using this information.

PICO (T) Question

The PICO (T) question identifies the research problems and the major components that constitute the research. In exploring the research about confidentiality in patient information, this research develops a PICOT question that will enable the researchers to drive the research process. The PICO question is: Patients between the ages of 45-70 years who have signed up for the hospital’s portal are likely to lose their private information for lack of understanding of the portal compared to patients between 16-40 years of age.

· Population (P): Patients between 45-70 years.

· Intervention (I): Patient portal.

· Comparison (C): Patients between 16-40 years of age.

· Outcome (O): Losing private information for lack of understanding of the portal.

The search terms used for the development of the PICO (T) question included PICO, PICOT, PICOT question, PICOT process. The search database included Google Scholar, JSTOR, and Walden University Library. During the search, I came across different research articles that are relevant to the search item while others were completely irrelevant. The two different databases in the Walden University Library included the Computer Science Database and the Ovid Nursing Books Database. These databases helped in finding the peer-reviewed articles that will be used throughout this research process.

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I identified six major strategies that can be applied to increase the effectiveness and rigor of the database search for the PICOT question. They include conceptualizing the search process, using relevant vocabulary, revising the search process, combining concepts and terms using Boolean operators, learning about the rules and regulations of database search, and searching different databases.



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