NU560-8D WEEK2 SAMPLING (Discussion Reply) 1

NU560-8D WEEK2 SAMPLING (Discussion Reply) 1: How do the sampling methods and sample sizes vary for the different types of quantitative and qualitative research?

NU560-8D WEEK2 SAMPLING (Discussion Reply) 1

How do the sampling methods and sample sizes vary for the different types of quantitative and qualitative research?

In probability sampling, every participant has a chance to be selected in being part of the sample. In nonprobability sampling, not every individual of the population has an opportunity to be included in the sample. In quantitative sampling size, according to (Gray et al., 2017) it is recommended to consider at least “30 subjects the minimum number for data on a single variable to approach a normal distribution”. (p. 347). This is said because this type of research method is a numerical evaluation of information and translates data into evidence. Therefore, much numeric data is required to provide sufficient results.

In qualitative sampling size, accord to (Gray et al., 2017) “are large enough to describe variables, identify relationships among variables, or determine differences between groups” (p. 351). In detail, the sample sizes are typically smaller in number due to the nature of the study. This is because this type of sampling focuses on the type and quality of data.  

For example, if the information received from the observations, groups, or interviews continues to provide new information and the quality is very high, fewer participants are required to provide adequate data. Otherwise, if the information gathered demonstrates low-quality information or redundancy called saturation of data, then more participants are needed to obtain clear results and information.


Hypothetically, what sampling method would you use to conduct a study of your selected evidence-based practice problem/topic? Why?

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     Does increasing staff awareness and clinical knowledge regarding pressure ulcers reduce the prevalence of developing pressure ulcers for bedbound patients in comparison to facilities that do not increase staff awareness and knowledge”?  For my question, I would utilize a simple probability example. I would utilize this method because this reduces bias as much as possible and may provide enough data to provide adequate evidence.

How would you determine the sample type and size?

One would determine the sample type based on the resources and purpose of my question. Sample size should be chosen by the type of research that an individual is doing. In addition to that, one doing quantitative research requires a larger sample size, unlike a qualitative one.

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