Leadership Essay: Personal and Professional Skills Required for a Successful Manager

This article is a leadership essay. It covers all the personal and professional skills required for a successful manager.: Time management, running meetings, making presentations, and stress management. Study it to learn how to write similar essays and gain insights into how you can get expert essay writing help.

Leadership Essay: Personal and Professional Skills Required for a Successful Manager

Leadership is defined as the ability to make people follow a certain course. The leader must follow the same power of the mind. Leadership is not an authority of an organization but it’s a strange strength personality that attracts the ordinary person.Personal and professional skills for a successful Manager/Leader:-

  • Time Management
  • Running meetings
  • Making presentation
  • Stress Management

Time management:-

It is considered one of the most important skills under the manager’s requirement. A proverb has been said ‘Once time has gone it never comes again.’ In this fast-moving world, time is precious and it’s been considered money. So time should be utilized in a proper way. The main features of time management are to organize the work in a proper way and at a proper time, handle the meeting in a specific time period, and utilize the free time. In this business world, everyone is concerned about time management to achieve success. The time frame which is available in this world for each person is 24 hours. Thus it is not possible for every individual to achieve their goal in a specific time period if it’s not been managed properly.

Components of Time Management are as follow:-

  • The leader/manager should set their priorities as per the time frame and should try to achieve their goal in a specific time with proper monitoring and feedback.
  • Prioritize goals according to their importance.
  • A time log on a daily/weekly basis should be made to utilize time effectively
  • Leaders/Managers should give motivation and should give guidance to their staff to develop and to achieve goals.

Running meetings:-

A meeting leads to achieving the goal effectively probably meeting can be a successful or unsuccessful one. While running the meeting all the features are been considered so that the meeting will not be an unsuccessful one. The agenda of the meeting should be clear. In which the meeting timing, points to be discussed, last meeting discussion and also the concerned person to carry out meeting should be mentioned properly.

The important factor for the meeting is the time. It is necessary to mention the ending and the starting time of the meeting. Proper planning may lead to the success of the meeting. For a successful meeting, the environmental conditions should be nice enough. Such as location, room, and the availability of the equipment to carry out the meeting.

It is the duty of a manager to maintain a quorum and to consider the point discussion for the meeting by the subordinates. At the end of the meeting, the points discussed by the subordinate should be ensured to all the members and the summary of the meeting should be circulated to all the members.

Making Presentation_:-

It is a pattern to show or present the data in front of an audience .presentation should consist of appropriate information-related data and should be provided in a stable language. The manager should actively take part in the meeting and should be confident enough to carry out the meeting. The meeting starting and ending times should be considered by the manager while running the meeting.

The physical presentation by the manager should be good enough he/she should dress properly and should be confident to carry out the meeting. While carrying out the meeting manager should make eye contact with the members and should ask questions if necessary. To make the meeting interesting it should be more visuals either than the lectures so the members will not get bored with the meeting.

Stress management:-

  • It plays a vital role in the life of the managers. It’s normally been distinguished into two types it is personal and professional. The personal is been related to money problems, sickness, family problems, etc while the professional will be the completion, business problems, large workload.
  • To get a release from the stress manager should follow the following steps:-
  • He should identify whether the problem is professional or personal stress.
  • A proper solution should be made to reduce the stress.
  • Normally the main reason of the stress is time. If the time is managed by anyone he/she can reduces stress in a proper way.
  • Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation also help to reduce the stress and increases energy and strength
  • In managers time log there should be some time for his hobbies or for the favorite thing to carry out so that he will be fresh to perform his task.
  • Proper planning should be there for the task which is not the simple. So by the study of it proper notes, remark should be made to reduce stress.
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Thus by achieving these steps managers can reduce stress and can achieve their goals in a proper plan time which can lead to an organization’s profit.

Task 2 (1.1b)

The leader /manager has to know himself first mostly in terms of his weakness and the strength to perform the work in the proper way. Following are the practical methods of skills for developing or improving are as follow.

  • A proper time frame should be made to carry out work efficiently in a proper and organized way. By these, it becomes easy to carry out or run the meetings easily and effectively. With the help of logs like daily and weekly it becomes easy to identify the problems or the jobs which were carried out and with the help of logs it can be sorted out easily.
  • Proper planning should be there to carry out work easily so that the stress will be get reduced. Normally work is been carried out to the individual’s satisfaction.
  • Proper planning or use of phone calls or the internet should be specific so that there will be no delay in the work.
  • Proper backup of the files should be saved in a computer data so that it becomes easy to sort out the problems.

Outcome 2 Task 3 (1.2a)

By personal development it makes us understand to know our strength and weakness. As most of the people are unaware about their sturdy and fragile areas. Due to which the work get spoiled and do not get completed properly. So that’s why the term personal skill audit is been used in management studies so that the employee will able to know their weakness and strength so that he can able to overcome with it easily. Due to which it become easy for the organisation to complete its goal.

After having a study Advanced Professional Development I came to know that I am pragmatist.

My Strength is as follow:-

  • I like to know about the recent things happening around me relates to books and technologies.
  • Most of the times I try to make out some new ideas from the job to make it easy.
  • I make my plan for each work and try to make most of it to complete it.
  • I utilize the option available to me.
  • Most of the time I like to work independently to complete any task.
  • My weakness is prescribed below:-
  • I am very eager to complete the task without considering caution.
  • Most of the time the group task is not performed by me because I try to dominate others.
  • Without involving other people I like to do my work.
  • I try to keep control on other because of which it may underestimate others.

With the help of my strength it becomes easy to do work in a proper way. Gathering the information may help to complete the task. With the help of these it become easy to perform or to run the meeting easily. Also proper arrangement of agenda which includes the figures and facts help to make meeting successful. And also some time working alone or to perform the work help me to complete it properly as I don’t have to rely on other to complete my work or task.

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As without considering the caution may leads to crash the task. Because of these act normally it direct me to the way of failure. Due to independent working stress and the mental pressure get increase because of which leads to work failure. Because of underestimating other people by me lead to differences between family, subordinates with me. These differences may cause nervousness, stress to mental condition. Due to which it take directly to the way of failure.

After knowing to my weakness and strengths, I will try to overcome with it with the help of four skills which can also reduce the individual and proficient efficiency. I will plan my work in a proper way to compete it. Also I will persistence to my work or task and will study it properly to overcome it. And also I will frame out the related caution which may arise so that’s I can overcome it. By utilizing strength I can achieve the goals successfully to hike the company in the right direction

Outcome 3 Task 4 (1.3a)

Before to be linked with the ‘Personal Development Plan’, I have constructed SMART and SWORT analysis to identify my objectives in life and to know my strength and weakness which will help me out to achieve my MBA and to be a successful manager in future.


It stands for S-Specific, M- Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant and T-Time. Considering these all things I have set my goals for future.

  • Specific-: To gain and implement four skills they are Time Management, Running Meetings, and Making Presentation, Stress Management which will help me out to complete my MBA.
  • Measurable-: To complete the assignment successfully in APD/MBA.
  • Achievable-: To complete and submit the assignment successfully in a specific time period and to get passes through it.
  • Relevant-: As I have gained a perfect group of teachers because of which I have 100% interest and commitment for my subject which aim to concentrate and to put my efforts to achieve my goal.
  • Time-Bound-: To obtain MBA degree by the end of March 2023.



  • I try to find out more options
  • To disclose the facts I use my detective skills
  • I am eager to find and implement the ideas, techniques and theories.
  • I perform the work well when I am independent.
  • I set the goal and act to meet them
  • I take my opportunities for experiment
  • I am good to gather the information from the entire source available
  • I am good in performing oral presentation which holds the attention of the audience.


  • I proceed without caution
  • I underestimate personal feelings
  • I require full control
  • I am impatient
  • I dominate task which is given to others
  • I like to do work/task alone
  • I am not good in making logical disputes for the essay format
  • I am not good in presenting the assignments professionally
  • I am not good in evaluating the progress of any work.


  • Facilities which are available from our college -Live campus update, advanced technology for teaching like Smart Board, computers,projectors,library with all the books and facilities, the best teachers/staff.
  • Special service for the student that is tutorial service in which we can interact our problems with the tutor.
  • Performing practical workshops by our lecturer Mrs. Ginny Cox at our College.
  • Through workshop it makes us easy to perform and practice our skills


  • Problems evaluating like login for live campus and collage computer systems
  • Cannot take books outside the library
  • Time consuming student services token system and limited time period for tutor service
  • Because of newcomers and unprepared members in the group lecture cant able to concentrate on the workshops properly.
  • Workshop cannot be get completed in time
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Professional Development Plan-:

  • Learning and development need
  • Weaknesses to be overcome and strengths to assist the outcome
  • Learning actions to be taken including resources needed to achieve them
  • Monitoring and feedback point
  • Time frame for success
  • Time management


  • Have to wait for the last moment
  • Always work alone
  • To keep reminder or alarm for the deadline
  • To do split up the small task and the large task first and then to do the important one.
  • To decide and frame out the deadline and important
  • dates.
  • To record the summary at the end of the day
  • To study and implement on daily action plan.
  • To study and get on to the result time period of two months is needed.


  • To perform the work on time
  • Working hard for the work
  • Proper planning and techniques can avoid wastage of time.
  • It is hard to meet time constraint by working out daily.
  • Approximately 1 month
  • Running meetings


  • Do not practice before performing
  • Do not consider other people effectively
  • Have to be prepare by own first before discussing the matter and implementing the decision assigned to him.
  • To check the others works and allocate work to them.
  • To take the survey in between and to ensure the progress of the work interval check is required.
  • Up till the proper decision is implemented


  • Able to make own decision
  • Able to make control on others
  • To set the goals and try to achieve them
  • To stuck up with the decision and make a use of an employee to achieve the target.
  • Through financial reports, sales reports and annual reports of an company
  • In an interval of 3, 6, 9, 12 months.
  • Making presentations


  • Always in hurry
  • Underestimate personal feelings
  • To communicate properly
  • To explain the topic rather than continuity of speech
  • To take the survey in between and to ensure the progress of the work interval check is required.
  • While presentation
  • Strength-:
  • Good speaker
  • To find the facts by using detective skills
  • Proper use of multimedia and PowerPoint in the presentation and getting the feedback from the subordinates/colleagues
  • Through financial reports, sales reports and annual reports of an company
  • After 1 month of presentation
  • Stress management


  • Leadership Essay: Personal And Professional Skills Required For A Successful Manager
    Swot analysis

    Always in hurry

  • Wants the result instantly
  • acts without caution
  • Internal cure
  • Taking break from work and assigning the work to subordinates/colleagues
  • Mental stress progress
  • continuously


  • Without depending on others for the work
  • Utilizing essential and useful techniques to do task.
  • Proper planning techniques make it easy to do work
  • Mental stress programs
  • continuously

Task 5(1.3b)

Monitoring and feedback-

As per the condition changes in the plan is been made to complete the work these skills is been effectively monitored and the feedback is been carried out to achieve the outcome. The confirmation of these monitoring and feedback is represented below.

Time management-:

Leadership Essay
Leadership means standing out

In the starting weeks of the lecture I was asked to fill the daily/weekly time log table as during which we dint had any assignment to do so I used to utilize my time like with the friends, internet, gaming, watching TV, listening music (please see appendix 1).As after certain weeks I adjusted my time log table because of the assignments and exam were coming closure to submit and write it so using time log I planned my time properly.

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