Ideas for science exploration with apples

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This is your 2nd hands-on learning activity.  The goal of this project is to plan and demonstrate another developmentally appropriate learning activity, besides art.  **You may not select art as your curriculum area for this project.  Just to let you know, this project is a lot like the process-oriented art project except you will be selecting another curriculum area that we study in CD7.  You can select from:

                 *Health & Safety                                  *Music & Movement                           *Math                                                                                   *Science                                           *Language Arts


Please refer to the instruction sheet provided here as a link as well as 2 sample activities:  one video that I filmed and a PowerPoint presentation with still photos demonstrating various parts of a learning activity.  Both formats document me and show me doing an activity. You can see my face and my whole body in the visuals.  There is a rubric to look over to remind you of the required elements.  You can use Flipgrid to record a video if you like – there is an assignment set up for you if you need it.  You also have the option to create a PowerPoint instead of a Fligrid video.