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EBP PowerPoint: I work at a Baptist Health organization in Florida. The healthcare organization is committed to strengthening compassionate healthcare provided to patients…

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Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence-Based Practice

I work at Baptist Health organization in Florida. The healthcare organization is committed to strengthening compassionate healthcare provided to patients. There are various strategies for sharing evidence-based strategies at the organization.

The first dissemination strategy is motivating the recipients of the evidence-based practice to put it into an application. The person proposing the intervention must persuade other people towards accepting these practices by translating research knowledge to practice (Curtis et al., 2017). Persuasion can be done through external experts or opinion leaders who give convincing facts about the problem. Also, the employee proposing the intervention can form social networks with colleagues and, use them to support the intervention. Opinion leaders and supporters of the EBP actively participate in sharing development strategies for the interventions. These strategies help in the implementation process.

The other dissemination strategy is increasing the reach of the EBP to a targeted audience. Once employees identify the best interventions, they turn to communicate their findings to the audience to create awareness. Reaching the audience is possible through Webinars, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, and emails among other communication tools. Employees are free to share their EBP with everyone including the leaders of the organization (Eastern Illinois University Online, 2018). The practice may also be shared through mass media to seek public opinions.

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The other dissemination method is targeting the message. The approach allows employees at the organization to use a message that is specific to the target population the intervention seeks to deal with. The strategy is achieved through language manipulation, audiovisuals, music, choice of behaviors, and social marketing (Brownson et al., 2018). These strategies at the Baptist Health organization establish appropriate channels for employees to advance their EBP while engaging relevant stakeholders.



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