Discussion Reply (With 2 References): The eligibility requirements to become a family nurse practitioner

Discussion Reply (With 2 References): The eligibility requirements to become a family nurse practitioner include completion of “APRN core (advance physical assessment, advanced pharmacology, and advanced pathophysiology), supervised clinical hours, completion of an accredited graduate program with evidence of an academic transcript, and an active nurse license” (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2021).

The value associated with certification as an FNP is very personal to me.  Along with providing higher quality care to clientele, I will have a more fulfilled inner sense of purpose and also be able to provide for my family in a higher capacity than I was previously able to, with an estimated average nurse practitioner salary being over $100,000 annually in the state of Wisconsin.  

Achieving both my master’s and nurse practitioner certification would allow my employer, fellow professional comrades, and most of all; my clients, to have a higher sense of security knowing I’ve worked and studied hard to bring them the highest quality care available.  Staying up to date on my continuing education and state-of-the-art processes and pathology will also instill confidence in my clientele to not only continue coming to me with their individual and family healthcare needs but likely will ensure referrals into my practice.


Any time a nurse genuinely takes on a holistic approach towards the practical application of nursing theory, a client is in a better position for patient-centered care, maintaining anonymity, and ensuring positive effective communication during the care process. In the nursing profession, nurses need to not only advocate for their clients, but themselves by participating in associations that work towards advancing the field through by working towards lower nurse-to-client ratios to decrease burnout, leadership education, and opportunity, and also grants to advance continuing education.

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