Students are required to complete a report and presentation on the project.
The purpose of the project is to demonstrate your depth of understanding of the course concepts. This applications project will also help you to retain the key material of this course for years to come.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of increasing regulations relating to transportation safety and security. Be sure to include both transportation providers and transportation users in your report. Your report should be in two parts.
In the first you would take the position that transportation regulations are good. Support your position with plenty of backup and at least two outside sources.
In part two, you should take the position that there are many disadvantages to transportation regulation. Support this position with plenty of backup and at least two outside sources.
Documenting your project
Reports must be in 12-point font, double spaced, and APA guidelines should be strictly followed. Project work will be graded on a number of criteria, including: conformance to prescribed content and format, grammar, readability, and the use of technical notations and diagrams. See rubric for details of assessment.
Include Executive summary, introduction, body (as explained above), tables, and conclusion.

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