Data Collection, Measurements And Analysis

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3. Back up your arguments with reliable evidence.

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Data Collection, Measurements and Analysis


1. Please find a randomized trial you would like to use for the article critique assignment.

2. Make sure it is from a nursing journal and is not older than five years. 

3. Read the “ The Three-Minute Appraisal of a Randomized Trial ” article.

4. Evaluate the following:

a. What is the key criteria for evaluating an RTC?

b. Are the results of the trial valid?  Were the subjects randomized?

c. What about the experimental and control group?  How were they allocated? 

d. Did they look like each other?  What about the variables?  Did the group look the same?

e. What were the results of the trial?  How were the results of the trial being measured? 


f. What statistical measures were used?  Was the results significant? 

g. Was the hypothesis accepted or rejected by the authors?

h. Are the results applicable to clinical practice?  Are the results feasible? 

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