Care Plan

Primary care plan for a particular health problem. Identify the specific preventive health needs of a particular population…

Care Plan

1-Identify the specific preventive health needs of a particular population.

2-Analyze the necessary measures to promote health and prevent disease in a specific population group.

2-Develop a comprehensive primary plan for primary care.


Health of a Community

Develop an estimate of the health of a community applying the 11 health patterns

functional. postulated by Maryory Gordon. Please do not forget the APA guides.

Care Plan

Healthy People 2020 National Agenda

An essay exposing your reasons to agree or disagree with the Healthy People 2020 National Agenda. The essay should be written in English (2 pages), using APA format.

The ARNPs or APNs Employed By Health Care Organization

Module 5.2 – Discussion

Quality Improvement
one page


  1. Discuss the roles of the ARNPs or APNs employed by health care organization related to quality improvement activities in your communities. 
    1. Are the ARNPs and other APNs the leaders of quality improvement teams?
    2. What significant contributions have occurred as a result of the ARNPs or APNs involvement in Q I teams? What are your thought on it?
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