Case study for psychology

Case study for psychology

To write a case study one needs to: research, make comparisons, summarize, draw graphic elements and conduct deep analysis. Therefore a very time consuming and daunting task.

what is a case study in psychology

Generally, when you are given a case study for psychology you are expected to:

  • Describe a situation, event, or problem.
  • Identify and focus on key issues in the case.
  • Use relevant and practical theoretical concepts to analyze the case.
  • Recommend a practical solution to your case.

Case study reports can be either problem-solving or descriptive.

How to write a psychology case study

Students’ common mistake is rushing into the writing process without putting much thought into the case study report writing process. To help you avoid the agony that comes with case study assignments, we share some useful tips to guide you through case study report writing:

  • Identify the problems

Analyze the case study and identify some of the pertinent issues and problems. Pick out the consequences and causes of these problems and highlight them in your notes. Note the relationship between these problems and specific events and situations.

  • Analyze

There are many analysis tools out there, depending on your field. If you are not sure about the tool, or method to use, consult your professor. While analyzing, note down all the findings that will be useful in writing your case study report.

  • Make recommendations

Recommendations refer to a statement of the action to be taken to solve or remove the case study problem. In writing your recommendation, you should ask yourself: Will the solution work? Who will conduct/perform this solution? When will it be implemented? And how much the implementation will cost.

  • Form conclusions

In your conclusion, sum up your problem, analysis, proposed solutions, and recommendations. Also, indicate some of your recommendation’s shortcomings.

  • Prepare an outline

Before you start writing the report, have a structure outlined. Depending on the institution, your case study report’s structure may vary. Be sure to refer to your study guide and your instructor’s instructions before embarking on your case study report writing journey. However, most case studies contain the following components: A Cover page that includes the student’s and class information; Table of contents to show where the report’s key information will be found; An executive summary that consists of the key points of your case study such as the proposed solutions and recommendations; An introduction of the problem being explored in your study; An examination and thorough analysis of the said problem; Possible solutions of the problem posed by the case study report; A recommendation to solving the problem; An implementation plan detailing how the recommendation can be applied; Reference list of all the sources used in writing the report.  

  • Develop a timetable

Prepare a writing and editing schedule for each of your report’s sections. Give yourself some allowance in case you experience some problems down the line. Some people prefer to write their introductions, executive summary, and conclusions last. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

  • Consider your audience

Reports are often addressed to an imaginary person. Therefore, make sure that your language and style suites it. By considering your audience, you will decide what to include and what to leave out.

  • Edit

After you finish writing your report, go through it thoroughly. Correct any structural, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. A helpful hack is reading your report out loud. You can use editing tools such as Grammarly or our academic writing service for proofreading.

  • Reference properly

A reference list is a list of all the books, journals, newspapers, etc., basically overall materials that you have referred to in your report. Failure to include these references could lead to plagiarism and subsequent loss or worse. Plagiarism is the act of stealing or copying another person’s intellectual property and presenting it as your own. A serious offence can lead to suspension, dismissal from your program, and less severe failure.

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case study for psychology