Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership.


It is one of the most cliché of clichés, but it nevertheless rings true: The only constant is change. As a nursing professional, you are no doubt aware that success in the healthcare field requires the ability to adapt to change, as the pace of change in healthcare may be without rival.

As a professional, you will be called upon to share expertise, inform, educate, and advocate. Your efforts in these areas can help lead others through change. In this Assignment, you will propose a change within your organization and present a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and identify one change that you believe is called for in your organization/workplace.
    • This may be a change necessary to effectively address one or more of the issues you addressed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. It may also be a change in response to something not addressed in your previous efforts. It may be beneficial to discuss your ideas with your organizational leadership and/or colleagues to help identify and vet these ideas.
  • Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership.

The Assignment (5-6-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation):

Change Implementation and Management Plan

Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 5 or 6 slides with video that presents a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.

Your narrated presentation should be 5–6 minutes in length.

Your Change Implementation and Management Plan should include the following:

  • An executive summary of the issues that are currently affecting your organization/workplace (This can include the work you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment previously submitted, if relevant.)
  • A description of the change being proposed
  • Justifications for the change, including why addressing it will have a positive impact on your organization/workplace
  • Details about the type and scope of the proposed change
  • Identification of the stakeholders impacted by the change
  • Identification of a change management team (by title/role)
  • A plan for communicating the change you propose
  • A description of risk mitigation plans you would recommend to address the risks anticipated by the change you proposeBrief assessment of the Results of Work Environment Assessment

    1. Based on the results, how civil is your workplace?

    Based on the results, my score was 60, workplace is mildly Healthy. This indicates that my workplace is not a very civil environment.

    2. Explain why your workplace is or is not civil?

    My workplace is not civil because of lack of proper and respectful communications among employees and employers. Most of the leadership are disrespectful towards each other and this really affects the workplace environment, and therefore interferes with employee’s morale, which in turn affects patient care. Very poor communications are also seen between the employers and their employees. (Smith et al.,1994)

    Another reason that makes me feel that my workplace is not civil is heavy workload on the employees. The employees are assigned a lot of tasks to do which they can’t really be manage in a timely manner and hence more nurses should be employed to reduce the workload to provide more efficient patient care. (Forstater et al., 2004)

    3. Describe a situation you have experienced incivility in the workplace.

    A situation where I experienced incivility in my workplace was being denied a chance of being promoted after advancement. I went for my advancement studies and pursued a bachelor’s degree. Before leaving for my studies, I was promised to be promoted to a leadership role which I was denied after completing my bachelor’s Degree, not due to merit, or my work ethic. I was overlooked because of the friendship between the director of nursing and perspective assistant director of nursing, and therefore the job was given to the friend. (Lawn et al., 2004)

    4. How was this addressed?

    This incivility was addressed by leadership being transferred to another organization after a series of disagreements with the employers.


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