Why is there a difference in a “Chicken Pox” party vs. a “Coronavirus Party”?

This week, we introduced the topic of “herd immunity”. Some have entertained the idea of “controlled voluntary infection,” akin to the “chickenpox parties” of the 1980s. However, COVID-19 is 100 times more lethal than the chickenpox. Someone who goes to a “coronavirus party” to get infected would not only be substantially increasing their own chance of dying in the next month, they would also be putting their families and friends at risk. COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States, killing almost 2,000 Americans every day. Chickenpox never killed more than 150 Americans in a year.

Please read the following article and answer these questions:


  1.  Why is there a difference in a “Chicken Pox” party vs. a “Coronavirus Party”?

2.  How should Herd Immunity be reached?