#5 Final Paper Information

<Format of the paper>

• Write paper as a first person

• Use 12-point font, Times New Roman.

• Text should be Double spaced

• Number pages consecutively

• Word count should be 2400 words or more including abstract. Abstract word

count should be 150 – 200.

• Source materials are documented according to MLA academic style and source

materials are cited consistently.

• Purdue Owl website to brush up your citation skill for MLA style.


<Structure of research paper>

First Write Abstract.

An abstract is a concise summary of the key parts of a research paper. It should be one fully

developed paragraph, about 150-200 words.

The abstract should make readers (this time your instructor) want to read your paper and make

them want to learn more about your research. Thus, the abstract should stand alone and still make

sense, and should include a key component of your research paper.

Then write your character

1. Introduction: The brief history of the background of Edo

2. General information of genre

3. Biography or autobiography of you. (only one paragraph) If it is hard to find exact

biography of the person, you may write general background of your genre.

4. Field and background that you had contributed in Edo period. Explain specific field that

you are in; haikai, literature, samurai, kokugaku, scholar, merchant, economist, activist, etc.

5. Discussion — Your own opinion. “REACT” to the society as the first person. You may

criticize the society that you are in, and suggest your own ideas that could renovate the


6. Conclusion — Your strong message to the contemporary society

7. Works cited — Use at least 5 sources. Should be Books and peer reviewed journals.