Identify existing health services that support current health issues facing people in Australia

This research project requires you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to practise as a nursing professional within the Australian health care system. As an enrolled nurse you will be required to provide health care across the lifespan of people in a range of health and community care services or environments. A good understanding of our health care system is essential.

You will need to provide discussion regarding your research finding and provide examples of your findings in 2000 words

· Health and illness issues facing people who have come from countries other than Australia

· Health insurance-related organisations and their roles in the Australian health care system

· Identify and access appropriate agencies to facilitate positive health outcomes

· Socio-cultural and social influences and factors that impact health and illness

· Health issues and impacts of health care delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

· Recognise risk factors and social circumstances applying to the health of people and refer the person to appropriate health professionals

· Identify existing health services that support current health issues facing people in Australia

· Themes that impact health and illness for people from Australia and other countries, including environment, cultural barriers and community acceptance

· Social, political and economic impacts on health care delivery including funding sources and constraints on services and resource allocation

· Discuss information on health care service funding sources and health related insurances with person, family or carer

· Access and interpret information to increase own awareness of appropriate sources of funding for health care services

· Overall structure, strengths and weakness of the Australian health care system, with emphasis on the local area.

· Current issues which impact health policy development How health and illness factors impact a person

· Principles and philosophical framework of primary health care

· Principles of wellness and illness and models of care

· Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of available community health promotional strategies

· Promote understanding of the person’s emotional and social wellbeing

· non-western approaches to health care and their place in contemporary nursing practice

· Apply principles of primary health care and the wellness principles to own work role

· Follow organisation procedures that comply with audit and accreditation processes