Policy implications • Cadastral data provides solid predictive summary data IT in a global economy chapter 18 discussion

IT in a global economy chapter 18 discussion

Chapter 18 Sustainable Urban Development, Governanceand Policy:

A Comparative Overview of EU Policies and Projects Information Technology in a Global Economy


• Introduction and Background

• Case Studies – Energy Efficiency • Integrating Energy Efficiency and Urban Sustainability

• The Dutch Kadaster

• The Solar Atlas of Berlin

• The Sicilian “Carta del Sole”

• Policy Implications for the Future

• Conclusions

Introduction and Background

• Sustainable urban governance • How can IT encourage sustainable urban development?

• Many previous projects were monolithic • Technical controls OR • Technical sensors

• EU’s 2007 Energy Policy • Combat climate change • Limit EU’s vulnerability to imported hydrocarbons • Promote growth and jobs

• Multiple projects that incorporate measurement and control

ICT Enablers of Energy Efficiency

ICT Solutions & Benefits

Case Study 1

• Integrating Energy Efficiency and Urban Sustainability • Northern Europe

• Strong commitment to green energy and sustainability • Especially Finland

• Amsterdam Sustainability Index (ASI) • Metrics to measure urban sustainability and energy efficiency

• ASI metrics • Energy savings • Mobility and air quality • Sustainable innovative economy • Materials and consumers

Case Study 2

• The Dutch Kadaster • Land Registry and MappingAgency

• Priority in planning • 50% of Netherlands land area is below sea level

• Concern over rising sea levels make land use planning critical

• Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) • Requires energy label for all construction, sale, rental


• Goal is to reduce energy use of all properties

Case Study 3

• The Solar Atlas of Berlin

• Goal is to increase efficient use of energy

• Main objectives • Display locations of existing solar installations

• Visualize potential of the solar industry

• Highlight rooftops suitable for solar panels

• Overall goal is to best utilize solar power

• 3D modeling helps in visualizing data

Case Study 4

• The Sicilian ‘Carta del Sole’ • In English: ‘Facing the Sun’

• Southern Europe generally lags when pursuing efficient sustainable energy

• Sicily has generally been a difficult place to implement energy policy

• Slow for residents to adopt solar energy • However, the most modern solar power production facility in Europe

is based here

• Challenge is to increase public support for alternative energy sources

Policy Implications

Systems Dynamics Performance Management


• Shared successful project characteristics • Strong municipal vision

• Focused effort to improve transport sustainability

• Dynamic approach to impact modeling

• Integrated e-government systems

• Policy implications • Cadastral data provides solid predictive summary data

• Inter-institutional cooperation is crucial for stakeholder engagement