Is using telenursing transitional nursing care helpful to care for patients?

Phase 4 is all about results, this part of the paper will be based on the hypothetical analysis. Meaning since we will not be actually implementing the process, the results described will be based on whatever the students would like the research results to be. You will need to provide results for all of the statistical tools mentioned and provide descriptive data (demographics of the population, different descriptive data points, etc.). Make sure to also include research limitations to improve for future studies. Approximately 6 pages.

my research is qualitative research

remember is phase 4.

it is a Qualitative Reseach Results Section

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This project took place at Jackson North Medical Center in Miami FL. During my time there, I personally was able to interview SEVEN nurses in Unit 1: the Coronary care and cardiothoracic unit, which is unit 1. And also the Oncology unit which is Unit 2 . The nurses were all from different cultures and countries. In Unit 1 there were 3 nurses; 2 of the nurses were married female Asians and the other was a white American single female nurse. In Unit 2 there were 2 married Hispanic females from Cuba, and a married Haitian male.

The tool that I used in order to conduct a Qualitative research was a questionnaire.

Research Questions:

R1: Is using telenursing transitional nursing care helpful to care for patients?

In Unit 1 the Asians nurse response was, “I feel it is very efficient and helpful in order to document patient information”. The white American nurse stated, “I like using telenursing when caring for patients. It facilitates me documenting as I am interacting with patients

I am able to advocate for patients better, since I have all of the data of each patient right in front of me. versus having to carry multiple heavy charts with me as I am going to each patient room”.

R2: Do you feel secure using Telecommunications technology in a patient care setting?

The Haitian male nurse stated” I do not feel secure all the times since there is events that happen when in which identify theft takes place, which could be used for exposing patients at risk of breach of confidentiality and distrust.

R3: How do you think that the elderly patients are adapting to telenursing?

In Unit 1, the white America nurse said “Unfortunately, some patients do not like the new modern normality since they do not know how to navigate in the technical world.” “With these patients, we have to go over steps often to make sure they comprehend since they are used to the old-fashioned ways”. Responded an Asian nurse. In the Oncology unit they agreed with Unit 1, one of the nurses stated “it’s hard for those people to adapt since, they don’t have the skills in the technology world; we have to make sure they understand since they can’t see well, hear well etc.”

Notes from the professor

Qualitlative reaserach

Tools: questions when interviewing

Formal question

Question open and ended questions

Analyse the question, quotes.


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sample qualitative research paper results section

nation of data

Tell the nurse that population im studying

Result, need to provide tools mention and descriptive data.

Demographic of the population,

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