When and why did the US end its open-borders immigration policy and implement immigration quotas?

Listen to the first episode of the podcast series “Deporting Ottoman Americans” (Episode 370, released on 8/9/18):https://soundcloud.com/ottoman-history-podcast/deporting-ottoman-americans

This episode explores changes in US immigration policy before and after WWI through the question of: how do you deport someone whose state (the Ottoman Empire) no longer exists? The episode covers a range of topics. I suggest you keep an ear out for the following:

§ Which groups of people emigrated from the Ottoman Empire to the United States? When did they come and what did they do once they got here?

  • §  When and why did the US end its open-borders immigration policy and implement immigration quotas?
  • §  How were these immigration quotas decided? Which groups were most affected?
  • §  When and why did the US start deporting immigrants back to their countries of origin?o On what basis were people deemed suitable for deportation?
  • §  How does the history of race in America help explain the history of immigration anddeportation?
  • §  How did changes in US immigration policy after WWI affect people who had migratedfrom the Ottoman Empire to America?You should listen to the episode, and take notes. Please do not try to answer the above questions by Googling them instead of listening to the episode, as I will be able to tell from your response whether you listened or not. After listening, you will write approximately 500 words on the following:§ What is something interesting you learned from this episode? Please explain why you find it interesting

§ How can we connect the content of this episode to the content of our class? Be sure to give specific examples from the podcast; do not use generalizations or I will assume you Googled.

This assignment will receive a 10/10 if completed to a satisfactory level, or a 0/10 (no credit) if not completed to a satisfactory level. If you receive credit, this assignment will replace your SECOND LOWEST quiz grade with a 10/10 (your lowest quiz grade out of 11 quizzes is dropped automatically.)

“Completed to a satisfactory level” means:§ You have included enough detail in your write-up to show that you listened to the

podcast and took notes

  • §  You have made an effort to connect the content of the podcast to the content of ourclass.
  • §  Your write-up is an adequate length (approx. 500 words)