clarify clinical features , diagnosis and dental management of patients with leukemia

need help with 8 reports to do.

1-Oral medicine: sickle cell anemia
A) to clarify clinical features , diagnosis and dental management of patients with leukemia

2- endo: cause of endodontic failure:
A) preoperative causes
B)intraoperative causes
C)postoperative causes

3- fixed: failure in fixed prosthodontics;
A) identify the mechanical failure ( fracture, chipping of ceramics)
B) identify the chemical failure
C) identify the esthetic failure
D) identify the periodontal failure
E) identify the proper line of treatment

4- operative: materials and techniques of relatability of indirect esthetic restoration:
A) materials and techniques used for repair of indirect esthetic restorations and their limitations

5- perio: minimally invasive techniques for treatment of gingival recession:
A) rational behind the minimally invasive concept
B) describe the techniques
C) evidence related to theses techniques in comparison to the conventional flaps

6-research: critical appraisal tools and gate frame:
A) define critical appraisal
B) identify the different tools used for critical appraisal
C) describe the GATE frame and RamboMan

7- radiology: cone beam computed tomography (cbct):
A) basic principle and image formatting
B) advantage and limitations

8 – self management: stress management:
A) types of stress ( negative stress , positivity stress) , types of stressors ( external, internal), symptoms of stress, stress related illnesses

Student work plan

Dear Student: To make your work easy, please be aware of the


 The research assigned to the student is sent by the IT department and under

the supervision of the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs just like

the results on the Gmail from the formal Dental College Engine @.

 The student should respond to the email sent with a confirming email that

he or she received his or her research at the same email address.

 If you don’t send your confirmation email , you lose many rights that may

affect you later.

 If there is any technical problem with your email or your research topic is

not received, please fill out the form with the data at and you will be provided with a

response on the same day.

 If there is any problem with your research methodology please fill out the

form and complete the data at and you

will be provided with a response at the same day.

 It is not allowed to communicate any inquiry that you have with the faculty

members or the assisting members as the research is an alternative to the

examination .

 Files of the most important:

 Student’s Guidelines for Review Article

 [Audio-PPT][ that is prepared by each section as a reference

describing how the reearch would be developed and performed at the

following link: always try to start with your

batch simulation model to ensure the required level, and take a

demonstration tour to increase knowledge and understanding

 Put a timed plan including the number of days available and the number of

courses registered, and have few days as a backup period for reviewing or

any emergency situation that may pop up.

 Objectives \ should be viewed if they exist as some of the research topics in

some cases need clarification.

 Sources that can be consulted for research preparation must be trusted, for

example the knowledge Bank and the digital library.

 So now you must take a tour in the websites to be used: Sites of Research


 The Egyptian knowledge Bank, on which an account can be established, can

be found at

 The Egyptian knowledge Bank for foreigner students, if they wish to have

an account in the Egyptian knowledge Bank, they should fill the form

assigned by the bank on the official E-mail at the following link


 PubMed (

 ( Google Scholar

 Doaj (

 Science (

 Plos one(

 Base(

 Biomedical Center (

 Semantic Scholar (

 Research Gate (

11. Research pages are at least 3 pages and not more than 6 pages and this

number is not including the cover page or references page.

12. Commit to the headline font size 16 and the rest of the content size 14 .

13. Commit to the line type Times New Roman with line spacing 1.15

14. Different colors are allowed within the content and the student can use

drawings, illustrations, and more.

15. As you type and develop your paper, software that allows language

correction and grammar correction are available on the Internet :

 Grammar Tools   

16. The number of references that must be used is not less than five

12. Programs such as references Tools, which edit the formatting of used

references, are also available on the Internets as well as other websites :

Mendeley (

( Zotero

17. The student writes the research using his/her own way and not a literal

transfer of references he/she reads.

18. The student must respect intellectual property rights and avoid unlawful


19. If a research match is detected or the plagirism is higher than 25% of the

total research, the research will be rejected and will be evaluated as failed.

20. You should check the plagiarism percentage and there are many programs

PLAGIIARISM programs that you can upload the entire file to check the ratio,

for example:

 Plagiarism Checker (

 Plagiarisma (

 Dupli Checker (

 Copy Leaks

21.You send the research as a PDF file with no more than 10 MB including

the cover, content, and reference

22. You will send another copy of the same file as a PDF without a cover page

to place the student’s secret code

23. It is not allowed to communicate with faculty members or teaching

assistants while preparing your research.

24. It is forbidden to place any tags within the research to highlight it .

25 Deadline for delivering student research is by the end of Sunday, 31/5/2020

12 PM and if any updates are received to extend delivery time you will be


26. If the student does not commit to sending on time, the student is considered


27. You will be announced later with the email addresses to which your research

will be sent .

 Suggested sample research design:

** cover page (is not calculated) and includes:

 Name and logo of the University \ name and logo of the College.  Student Name \ Student Code \ Egyptian Student’s National number or Passport

number for Foreigners.

 Formal student email address.  Write the batch for the traditional program – the semester number for the integrated


 Student Status: Freshman / Withdrawl/ Failed /  Student Status: Freshman\ Regular \ Irregular (for Integrated Program)  Professor Name \ Course Code  Research Title

 The first page to be calculated starting from the introduction: the student starts writing the research by a Debrief and does not exceed 20 lines.

 The research should have basic elements: (Introduction – content – conclusion – reference list)

 ** the References and sources page is calculated

All the best wishes and the best luck

Dr. Amal Abdelrahman