How can teachers use play to help children learn and develop?

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Major Considerations for Setting Up Your Learning Environment

Children, like adults, are affected by their environments. Creating an inviting environment that is safe and welcoming must be done intentionally. The early childhood environment is significant to the curriculum to such a degree that in Reggio Emilia schools it is known as the “third teacher.”

Please respond to the following:

  • Create and share one space in an early childhood setting that includes one of the foundational elements from your readings.
  • Identify everything that you will include in this space.
  • Explain how children will use this space and how it promotes learning and positive behavior.

Play and the Learning
10 Environment
This chapter will help you answer these important questions:
• Why is the physical environment important for learning and play?
• What are some learning environments?
• What are the developmental characteristics of play?
• How do we distinguish play from other behaviors?
• What are the theories on play?
• How can teachers use play to help children learn and develop?