What is culture? How do different cultural types matter?

Review SheetSociology 1101
Autumn 2016

Introduction, Sociological

Be able to define sociology.

How did sociology
come about?
Know how the
sociological perspective is defined. Be able to apply the sociological perspective
to topics (e.g., suicide).

What are the three major sociological theories?

What is culture? How do different cultural types matter?

What are some examples of cultural change?
Why did we discuss girls and movies?
What lessons about socialization did Danielle
teach us all?

Groups and Organizations

What are groups and how do they differ?
What’sthe value/contribution of studying group conformity?
What makes an organization formal?
How does a bureaucracy function? Why did Weber care?

Social Class in the U.S.

What are some characteristics of wealth
inequality in the U.S.?
From the research of Prof. Lisa Keister, how does
the social class one is raised in matter?
What is a class gap? Why do Thomas Jefferson, FDR, and Alan
Greenspan care?
What is social mobility and how does it vary?

Religion and Community
17. What is religion?
How do the three main theories of sociology view religion differently?

What are the Sacred and the profane?
What are important characteristics of the major
religions of the world?
How has religion informed social change? What is liberation theology?

Race and Community

Define race, ethnicity and minority.
What differences can race make (e.g.,
neighborhood residence, law enforcement)?
What is redlining? How does it inform current neighborhood
Why did we consider the book, Divergent Social Worlds (by
Peterson and Krivo)?

Population, Urbanization, and
the Environment

What are some examples of faith, science, and the
environment being in dialogue with one another?
What is demography?
Who was Malthus and what did he have to say about
population change?
What is the “tragedy of the commons”? How does it matter to our 21st
century lives?

Also… Lecture Videos

What did Prof. Rodrigo Canales have to say about organizations
(re: drug cartels)?
How did Tammy Crabtree experience social class in America?
How was Womanist Theology represented by graduates of the Union
Theological Seminary?

What did Prof.
Paul Ehrlich have to say about our (global) future?

Caveat: This study guide is not a “contract”or promise
of specific exam questions.
It is a guide for how to study, and be
well-prepared for the exam.