Persona Doll Stories

In this assignment you will:


1. make a lifelike persona doll (I will make it)

(The doll  is a mermaid doll, please see attachment)


2. write a story to go with the doll and include two questions at the end. (The story should not be very long.)


3. Record a video of your presentation and attach it to this discussion (about 3 minutes) along with the written story. (I will record a video)



There is quite a bit of information in your textbook about the use of persona dolls in the ECE classroom.


See Roots and Wings: pgs. 97, 175, 243-246, 247, 252, 234, 239 (please see attachment)


The ‘dolls’ can be dolls or puppets. They need to be handmade (no stick puppets or store-bought dolls for this midterm assignment).  At the end of your story, you need to present two questions you would use to ask the children to get the discussion started.  You will video yourself showing the doll and telling the story. Remember this doll must be someone of Diversity of some kind who would not be represented in your classroom. Your 2 questions should not be ones that make the children feel sorry for the doll. Not like this: “How can we help this doll feel comfortable.” Not that. But, questions that will help the children be able to talk about what they are thinking or wondering so far. Therefore, your questions must be open-ended to allow children to think critically and engage in meaningful conversations.


Have your whole family get involved. If you have children this can be part of their at-home education.


Here are two examples of Persona Doll Stories and questions:


EX. 1. I want to introduce you to Juana. She is 4 years old, just like you. She likes to play ball and cook with her Mom. She even helped her Mom make mole’, her favorite! She loves the dark brown sauce on her chicken. She has two sisters that are both younger than Juana. One thing that is sometimes hard for Juana is she wears a hearing aid because she is hard of hearing and if you are standing behind her she might not hear you. She likes to play it is hard to follow some of the directions that her teacher gives because she can’t always hear them. Sometimes she gets in trouble at school because of this. Sometimes children make fun of her because they can’t always understand her.


What do you think it would be like not to be able to hear things?


What are some of the ways we can better communicate with Juana or someone like Juana?




EX. 2. I want to introduce you to Jolene. She is 5 years old and lives with her Mom and Dad and two older brothers. She has her own room and it’s painted blue because that is her favorite color. She has a dog named Panda. Jolene knows how to read already and she does well in school. But sometimes Jolene gets sad because the other children call her names like fat girl and giant. She is taller and weighs more than everyone in her kindergarten class. When the children play kickball, they never want her on their team because she doesn’t run very fast.


How do you think she feels when other children use unkind words toward her?


How does someone’s size matter about who they are?


After you post your video, watch the other videos in your group and respond to at least two other people.  


You may click on the three dots on the right-hand side of this discussion to view the rubric.




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