NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies

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Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies

The Assignment

New construction projects begin with a design phase, where architects blueprint the vision complete with design details. They work in collaboration with builders who use the designs to prepare the appropriate strategies, tools, and materials to bring the vision to reality. You are both architect and builder of your success. You have started to blueprint your vision in your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan. You have identified others with whom you will collaborate. Now you can begin to prepare the appropriate strategies, tools, and materials

How will you approach your studies? What types of resources are available to you, and how will you access and utilize them? Taking the opportunity to prepare these strategies, tools, and materials will help ensure you can “break ground” without incident and successfully move to the phase where you begin building your vision.

To Prepare:

  • Consider your goals for academic accomplishments while a student of the MSN program.
  • Reflect on the strategies presented in the Resources for this module.

The Assignment:

In this Assignment, you will continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan by appending the original document you began in the previous Assignment to develop the second component—academic resources and strategies. To accomplish this:

  • Identify and describe at least three academic resources or strategies that can be applied to the MSN program
  • Identify and describe at least three professional resources that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or your specialty in particular
  • Explain how you intend to use these resources, and how they might benefit you academically and professionally

NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies.

Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies

The Essay Solution

The dynamic nature of the nursing profession highlights the necessity for specialists who can assess and predict the population’s healthcare requirements. Nurses with a master’s degree must be able to lead change, promote culturally sensitive care, form collaborative care teams, create nursing treatments, and integrate empirical data into practice. In general, the master’s program provides students with a wide range of experience and information that goes beyond what is taught at the entrance or bachelor level.

As a result, it gives information that facilitates a smooth transfer from practice to research programs at the doctoral level. Pursuing a master’s degree is a journey that can only be realized with the use of learning tools. In this article, I discuss these resources and how I plan to use them in order to complete the program.

Academic Resource/Strategy 1

I have access to a variety of resources that I can use to improve my chances of success. Local libraries, institutional internet databases, and nursing publications, on the other hand, are some of the most valuable tools for any nurse. The physical library is a repository of information that is essential to the learning process. The knowledge kept in physical libraries is vital not just for addressing a student’s information demands, but also for assuring a student’s academic achievement. The reason for this is that a good library is an important part of learning, teaching, and research.

When doing research, the first place to go for secondary data is usually the library. Such a study would be impossible without a real library. As I complete my MSN degree, I plan to use the library for research, project completion, and lifetime learning.

Academic Resource/Strategy 2

The institution’s online database is a valuable source of evidence and information that may be utilized in conjunction with the physical library. While the physical library has a large number of volumes, its capacity is restricted. It is possible to use the institution’s library to access books and articles that are accessible in the physical library. In theory, access to internet databases is essential for doing research, completing projects, and expanding one’s knowledge (Iroaganachi & Izuagbe, 2018).

When completing assignments and performing research, I will use the online library to look for publications that are not accessible in the physical library. By offering simple access to a large number of books and journals, access to the institution’s library increases the quality and quantity of study. The online library, I feel, will play an important part in my study and will help me to enhance my research abilities. An internet database will enable me to get information quickly and cheaply.

NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies.

Academic Resource/Strategy 3

Nursing periodicals available online are also a valuable resource for nursing students. Nursing journals have grown in popularity, and they now play an important role in developing nursing practice and the profession (Oerman et al., 2019). There are three types of journals: those that are aimed at local audiences, such as hospital newsletters, those that have national leadership, and those that are aimed at worldwide audiences.

These publications, in my opinion, are vital to the nursing profession since they publish nursing-related material and so keep us up to speed on what is going on. I plan to utilize online nursing journals to stay up to speed on new practices, get a better understanding of developing concerns, and use information and knowledge from the journals to expand my nursing education (Oerman et al., 2019). I’ll also consult journals while creating nursing-related information to verify that all assumptions and ideas are backed up by research.

Professional Resource/Strategy 1

Membership in nursing professional organizations is one of the most valuable professional resources. Individuals often meet to speak or advocate for the concerns of individual group members. Nurses, like other professions, join together to create professional organizations. At the state and national levels, there are hundreds of such groups. Educational level particular organizations, such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing; degree of preparation, such as Nurse Educators; and setting specific organizations, such as long-term care associations, are just a few examples (Roux & Halstead, 2008).

A crucial motivation for the nurse is membership in these professional groups. First, professional organizations play an important role in developing nursing research. In general, these professional groups may promote practice by doing research and disseminating current events articles. Second, they campaign for nurses’ rights. Finally, becoming a member enables you to communicate with other nurses, which may help you create professional networks (Roux & Halstead, 2008). I want to join a professional group so that I may network with other nurses and exchange ideas while also keeping up with current happenings.

Professional Resource/Strategy 2

Databases on the internet are also a valuable resource for improving nursing practice. Accessing internet databases is simple with personal electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. These databases often provide health and nursing information (Mahmad et al., 2018). These databases’ expertise may be utilized to supplement information offered by other professionals. Nurses prefer to contact other affiliated experts rather than do research for this reason.

I plan to utilize these resources to expand my knowledge, stay current on current concerns, and do research. I feel the internet has a vast amount of knowledge that can be utilized to enhance nursing practice. One may enhance practice and participate in evidence-based practice by translating information from the internet.

NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies.

Professional Resource/Strategy 3

Another important resource for nurses is networking. It may be utilized to enhance the number of professionals and the quality of care provided. The sharing of information across organizations, groups, and people is what networking is all about. Strategic, personal, and operational networking are all examples of networking (Drake, 2017).

Strategic networking is common at the institutional level when internal and external networks are maintained. Personal networking focuses on making connections with members and non-members of the organization. Forming personal ties with people is an important part of networking. Operational networking focuses on developing connections with institution members in order to improve performance (Drake, 2017). Forming networks with hospital management or other authorities, for example, would be considered operational networking since it promotes organizational performance.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of networking in developing professionalism and practice. People may exchange information via networks (Khanum et al., 2016). People who network share information, exchange ideas and learn from one another. Nurses may share ideas about care via nursing networks, which can lead to major improvements in practice.

Professionalism is also supported by networks since those who network tend to collaborate better with colleagues and patients. They may then use these new networks to improve nursing by sharing resources, experience, and information. Collaboration also leads to improved care coordination by allowing individuals in specialized networks to work together (Khanum et al., 2016). Collaboration is critical for nursing to succeed as a profession.

I will endeavor to build strong networks with other individuals while I am a student and after I graduate to boost my prospects of professional success. I’ll follow Drake’s (2017) advice on how to get started networking. According to Drake (2017), networking begins with a smile, followed by requests for introductions, listening and asking questions, following up with others, and assisting those in need. I feel the advice will be beneficial to me.

The social capital gained via networking will be crucial in furthering my career, finding jobs or professional positions, and expanding my knowledge. I’m hoping that through exchanging knowledge and ideas with the networks I’ll create, I’ll be able to succeed as a nurse.

NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies.


Nurses who complete the MSN program are prepared to work in clinical and direct care settings. However, becoming a nurse capable of providing high-quality care necessitates not just completing the curriculum but also using current student and professional resources to aid performance and learning. Local libraries, internet libraries, and nursing journals are three academic resources I’ve highlighted in my reflection.

All of these sites will help me locate nursing-related information. Professional groups, the internet, and networking, on the other hand, are three professional resources I’ve recognized. I plan to use these tools not just to better my professional position, but also to further my career.


NURS 6003 Part 2 - Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is included in a professional development plan?

A professional development plan lays out the goals, necessary skill and competence development, and objectives that a staff member must meet in order to enable continual progress and career advancement.

2. What are the 5 smart goals in nursing?

Academic Success and Professional Development
A Student Nurse Strategizing Her Academics

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

3. What is a good goal for a nurse?

SMART nursing goal: With each new patient, I will spend an additional five minutes asking questions about their life in order to discover at least three topics we may discuss to divert them from their condition.


NURS 6003 Part 2 – Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies.

NURS 6003 Part 2 - Academic Success and Professional Development Plan: Academic Resources and Strategies



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