ANOVA questions and more

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Answer the following questions. Provide complete answers and include in-text citations and corresponding references in APA format.

● Explain how the F distribution is constructed by combining two chi squared distributions. What are the properties of the F distribution?

● Explain what are the objectives of ANOVA and how it is formulated. What are the underlying assumptions? What is the sum of the squares of errors and mean sum of squares of errors in ANOVA? What is the test statistic in ANOVA? What is the criterion for rejecting the null hypothesis? How the p value is determined in ANOVA? Provide a hypothetical example of ANOVA formulation.

● What is the objective of the Fisher’s post-hoc test? How is it formulated? Are they non-directional or directional tests? What is the test statistic in Fisher’s test? What are the expected outcomes of the Fisher’s test?


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