Why are a child’s social-emotional skills important?

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Prior to beginning work on this journal, read Why a Child’s Social-Emotional Skills Are so Important (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Chapter 7 deals with the importance of teaching social and emotional skills. According to Bierman and Erath (2006), children with challenging behaviors tend to have difficulty in the social and emotional realm (as cited in Kaiser & Sklar Rasminsky, 2017, section 7.3). In section 7.3 there is a list to why these skills are so important. You will reflect on three effects of social and emotional skills and discuss how these effects will help children during various points within their lives.

Address the following items:

  • Choose three of these effects of social and emotional skills and respond to the following questions. (You will include one paragraph for each example.)
  • Name the effect (e.g., behave more appropriately).
  • Explain how this effect will help the child make friends and get along with others.
  • Explain how this effect will help the child academically.
  • Explain how this effect will benefit the child later in life.
  • Explain how you could teach this effect in the classroom.

2 Pages ONLY

APA Style-in text citation

Include Introduction and conclusion paragraph.

1 Peer Reviewed Scholarly Source



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