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In this assignment, you will critically review 1 recent peer-reviewed articles in a minimum of 2 pages. You may wish to spend some time researching critical review techniques for journal articles prior to starting this assignment. The paper must follow current APA guidelines. The page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material. See the grading rubric for additional guidance. You must follow the article focus prompts closely. Microsoft Word is the only acceptable upload format.

For the review, you will select and read one article.At a minimum, you must pay particular attention to the identification of the premise and supporting points of the article, a synthesis of the article and the corresponding material in the textbook or a synthesis of the article with your personal experience with the topic, and a critical evaluation of the premise(s) and supporting points of the article.

Journal Article Review must be on the topic of psychological theory(ies) of crime.

Social Control The bonds people maintain with other people and institutions, as well as their beliefs and activities lose their influence and control over the person’s behavior.


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