Boyhood Assignment

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?

Please consider the following question through the lens of a developmental psychologist. Please explain and support your answers.

  1. What job does their mom get?
  2. How annoying are the seniors at the “camp out”?
  3. What do we see (for the first time) Mason consuming at the campout?
  4. What do we see (for the first time) Mason doing in the car?
  5. What major event(s) have happened in the dad’s life?
  6. Why does Mason get upset with his dad (in the van)?
  7. What did you think about the gifts Mason received from his grandparents?
  8. What do you think of Mr. Turlington’s darkroom chat?
  9. What reason did Mason’s mom give for originally buying the house she now wanted to sell?
  10. How motivating did you feel Mason’s boss was?
  11. Do you agree with Mason that we are becoming cyborgs? How about his views of Facebook?
  12. How does Mason describe his mother? How would you describe yours?
  13. What is the drama between Sheena and Mason?
  14. What does Mason’s boss give him as a graduation gift?
  15. Who is the manager that takes care of the family at the restaurant?
  16. Why is Mason’s mom having a hard time with his leaving?
  17. How well do you think Mason and his roommate Dalton will get along?


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