Evie.ai: The rise of artificial intelligence, and the future of work

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I would like you to continue from where we left off last time as this is the rest of the Business case that will require:

maximum word count 2,500 (not including the Appendices). Your References are in the Appendix. Use APA style format.

  • should make every reasonable effort to apply relevant principles when analyzing a case (e.g. section 4).
  • Do not use pronouns (I, we, they, you, my, our, theirs etc.) in a business report. Refer to Evie.ai throughout your report.

2.The Context (Evie.ai)

3.Business Problem

4.Problem Analysis and Challenges for Evie.ai


5.1Summary of Future Work Design and Jobs

5.2Ethical use of AI

5.3The Future of Evie.ai

Plus make adjustments by Please adding in text citations in the body. The references should show another two journal.articles.


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