4-5 page paper (double spaced) on performance play

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https://youtu.be/EzElFPZ3Y9o Performance link there.

a paper that has two parts

should be between 4-5 pages

Part 1

performance you saw.

What was the plot?

What was the conflict?

What was the climax?

What was the resolution?

Tell me who the characters are, not just their names but their characteristics and type, what are their motives.

How do they effect the story?

I also want to know what you think are the core theme(s) and why?

What is the purpose of the show? To entertain and/or to teach a lesson?

What was your overall opinion of the performance? Please include discussion of set, lights, acting, and directing choices you thought worked or did not work.

It should be Times New Roman size 12 font, 1.5 to double spaced. Name, course number and “Final” as a header or footer. In other words no taking up space with this info on the first page


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