LOS 120 Peer Reviewed Articles

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Research Articles

The student will collect five statistics articles from peer-reviewed journals, not articles from magazines, or newspapers. The articles can cover any branch of statistics. Along with the articles will be a paper synthesizing and analyzing the articles. The student must also state why the articles interested him or her. These articles may lead to your research paper.

REASON FOR THIS REQUIREMENT? This prepares you to acquire the skills in finding appropriate research in your field. It also prepares you to begin thinking of your research paper topic due at the end of the semester. This is a critical assignment, you should begin thinking about it, and asking questions as soon as possible. There is a rubric found on BlackBoard. If you want more information on what exactly is a peer-reviewed journal article, you can find the following on Blackboard: What is a scholarly journal.

one page per article and 5 statistic articles from peer reviewed journals are required. I have attached a sample/rubic for the papers


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