revise 3 essays of this semester and make a portfolio.

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Here are the directions for the portfolio:

Review everything you have learned about persuasion, argument, argumentative thesis statements, fallacies and writing style.

Revise The Communist Manifesto essay using everything you now know in the the course.

Revise the essay in Assignment 13–“Do you understand Argument”. If some parts are missing, then do them (for example, the techniques of argument and examples from the books).

Then, revise one more of your previously-written essays.

Revise each of these essays into a new draft, called the Portfolio draft, which shows your best work. Think of it as your English 1C “masterpiece”.

Copy ALL drafts and versions of these essays into ONE Word file.

Then, write a letter to the instructor in which make an argument that your portfolio represents your best work and what you’ve learned, and how you learned it, in this course. Paste this into the ONE Word file that contains the essays.


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