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For your responses to your classmates (two responses required): Discuss the relationships between the scatter plot, the correlation coefficient, and the linear regression equation for the sample. Comment on the similarities and differences between your correlation and linear regression equation and that of your classmates. Why are there differences since you are drawing from the same population? Did you expect the differences will be large? Why or why not?

Response 1:

The first graph will represent how many females out of a randomly selected group lost weight on a Keto diet in a month. X is the number of females on Keto and Y is the pounds lost in a month. You can see that there is a positive correlation between females who ate Keto and losing weight.

MAT 240 6-1 Discussion Image 1

The second graph will represent people who started out the new year with a resolution to eat healthily and exercise. As you can see, over a 10 month period the number of people steadily declined.

MAT 240 6-1 Discussion Image 2

Response 2:

Data is taken from January 1940- January 1945. The data shows a strong positive linear relationship.

y = -90.271929 + 0.91977117
Sample size: 61
R (correlation coefficient) = 0.98830132

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