Assignment 3

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Assignments must be completed on MindTap AND a completed workbook with your full completed solutions must be submitted via Sakai. You must submit both in order to receive any credit.

Hardcopies or copies emailed will not be graded.

There is no option for late submissions in MindTap. Failure to submit your submit your assignment on MindTap before the due date will result in zero credit.

Submit your worked data in one single MS Excel Workbook. Start your solution set by using the assignment shell provided on Sakai. Use appropriately labeled worksheets for each problem/section of a problem.

Pay very close attention to the final presentation of your work and make sure it is print-ready. Prepare all spreadsheets so that they are clear, attractive and easy for the untrained eye to follow and understand. While accurate content and precise execution of the techniques is critical, formatting, typographical and grammatical acuteness is also very important. General sloppiness and inconsistent formatting will lower your grade.

Note: Ignore MindTap warning about text-based answers. All open ended questions will be graded as well. In fact, your grade will depend equally on the accuracy of your analytical techniques and your interpretation of the results.

Assignment files should be named as follows:

  • Asg#_FirstInitialLastname
  • e.g. Assignment 1 for Michael Phelps would be named Asg1_MPhelps.xlsx

Question 1. 40 points

A lightbulb manufacturer wants to estimate the total number of defective bulbs contained in all of the boxes shipped by the company during the past week. Production personnel at this company have recorded the number of defective bulbs found in each of 50 randomly selected boxes shipped during the past week. These data are provided in the worksheet named Q1.

Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the total number of defective bulbs contained in the 1000 boxes shipped by this company during the past week and report your results.

Question 2. 60 points

A study is performed in a large southern town to determine whether the average amount spent on food per four-person family in the town is significantly different from the national average.
A random sample of the weekly grocery bills of families in this town is obtained.
Assume the national average amount spent on food for a four- person family is $150.

A.Identify the null and alternative hypotheses for this situation.

B.Is the sample evidence statistically significant?
If so, at what significance levels can you reject the null hypothesis?

C.For which values of the sample mean (i.e., average weekly grocery bill) would you reject the null hypothesis at the 1% significance level?
For which values of the sample mean would you reject the null hypothesis at the 10% level?


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