World Literature Before 1660 essay

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

All requirement in document. you need to write approximately 1500-1800

You DO NOT have to read all of The Odyssey! Read the following “books”: Books 5-6, 8-12

Then visit the modern version website (see supplements) and read Books 20-23. You may want to read some of others there too. Each book has a nice little summary at the top, so you may want to go through each book just to get the highlights.…

username: sshan

Password: Wx2110980306

Actually, u can just log in the canvas in this TROYONLINE World Literature Before 1660 ENG-2205-XTIFO 19/T4 (Paquette) course and get into the modules find the final project information.


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