Assessment Plan

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A U.S. city has commissioned you to create an assessment plan that will help resolve an issue that centers around racial stratification. In your plan, you will outline areas that the city should investigate in order to help resolve the problem. Be sure to take a macro and micro approach to addressing the issue. To do this complete the following steps:

1) From the issues list, select one that the city has identified.
2) From the concepts list, select five concepts that will help to explain the chosen issue. 3) Explain how each concept can help the city to gain a better understanding of the issue. 4) Identify when you are proposing micro level and macro level solutions.

5) In total, you will write a 3-5 page assessment plan outlining what the city needs to do to resolve the issue. Be specific in your explanations and application of the concepts. Papers must be typed, doubled spaced, 1inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman font.


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