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In relation to whether Dominoes should use a CD-ROM method as a training resource in comparison to on-the-job training, my stance would have to be a firm no to the CD-ROM method. “With on-the-job training, not only are employees actively involved in learning, but they also participate in real activities that relate to their current or future job. This is one of the most effective training methods for succession planning” (eLearning Industry).

Not to say that the CD-ROM method couldn’t be an additional resource, secondary to on the job training, if there aren’t any budgetary restraints. “The process of determining ROI begins with an understanding of the objectives of the training program” (Noe, 2010, pg. 241 para 2). Yet it is a firm no, simply because the maneuvering of there pizza dough is something there company has more or less marketed themselves on, and to merely train employees on the method with just a CD-ROM rather diminishes that claim.

“The values of on-the-job training go beyond increased productivity and growth. Trained employees are happier employees that are more committed to the organization. “30% are more excited about their work.” On top helping create happier employees, on-the-job-training also fosters a culture grounded on teamwork” (Brosnihan, 2018). Being thorough and precise should be where they are aiming at with training their employees, not just out to use means that are convenient, and/or cheaper. “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding” (The Holy Bible. NKJV. Prov. 4:7).


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