4 Minutes Presentation script and 4 powerpoint slides (one for each minute)

I need help with a Business question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Hi, I have a paper that was written in group ( me and a girl) and I need to have my end of the paper transformed into a speech so I present it tomorrow (with the powerpoint slides on the back).

I am looking for a word by word very easy to understand “script” and it has to be 4 minutes total. I will speak the first 4 slides and the girl from my group will do hers after me. Her end of the powerpoint is already done, so I will attach it here so you can follow how she did it (please include images as well)

I will also attach the paper this presentation has to be on.

My 4 topics are ” executive summary”, “background”, “IMG Models”, and “competitors”. You will find all of this on the paper attached. Pretty much you will need to only summarize and make it make a lot of sense (please do make it simpler to understand and read so I dont have issues speaking it).


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