Nursing health assessment and Promotion Paper

I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

I have started writing half of the paper but need help punching up and re-writing. Attached is the paper I need punched up. I have outlined the second portion with numbers for barriers as well as the final portion with overcoming barriers.
Please open attached document for assignment and more instructions and more defined insight. The biggest points are for not writing in consistent tense, grammar, and APA formatting
—————————Below is the Assignment———————————————–

1. A three-page (750-word) paper that summarizes the identified assessment data and the positive strengths and identified barriers for that data

a. Select a volunteer.

Select a volunteer from your friends. Identify the client by initials and age.

b. Identify the client’s desired behavior change.

Assess and describe the characteristics of the life span stage, including physical and psychosocial attributes identified in the selected client that support the desired behavior change.

c. Write a paper that analyzes the client’s data.

In your paper, respond to the following prompts:
• Identify the strengths of the client that will contribute to a successful health behavior change. Describe these characteristics of the client and the social support system.
• Identify and explore the barriers of the client that will impact successful achievement of the desired behavior change. Describe the underlying cause of the barriers.
• Describe methods to overcome the barriers in achieving the desired have to write two papers, research framework 2 pages, and research proposal 9 pages. they will be about the same topic which is: A study on how to reduce cost and increase efficiency on power plant located in Kuwait, related to Kuwait ministry of electricity and water.


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