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Background: There are numerous Calculus resources available online, whether they are demonstrations for use during class time or websites that students can access independently. Many of the resources are valuable learning tools but others are not worth the time and effort of students or teachers.

Assignment: Research and locate five online math resources for either Calculus or how you can integrate the ideas of Calculus into your course. For instance, average or instantaneous velocity in an Algebra 2 class. Certainly, you will come across resources that are not worth listing. Please do NOT list the first 5 Google results for “Calculus resources.” These should be actual resources you could use in your classroom next school year. The intention of this assignment is for you to find five new online resources. You may not use any resources that have been linked throughout this course.

Upon locating the resources, write up your list in the following manner in a word document for each resource:

  • Resource Name:
  • Web Address:
  • Summary: A few sentences explaining the resource.
  • How to Use in the Classroom: Is this meant to be demonstrated by the teacher or for use during independent lab time? How would you implement this during class?


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