homework on canvas about statistics (my state homework)

I’m working on a Statistics exercise and need support.

statistics homework on canvas my state homework from collage level 160

Section 8.3: Testing a Claim about a Mean ( only question 6)

Section 9.1: Hypothesis Testing for proportion for 2 sample (4 questions)

Section 9.2: Hypothesis Testing for the mean for 2 samples (4 question)

Section 6.2: Applications of the Normal Distribution (only question 6 and 7)

Section 6.3: Sample Means (only question 1)

Section 6.4: Central Limit Theorem (only question 40)

Section 7.1: Confidence Intervals for Proportions (questions 4-9 only)

Section 7.2: Confidence intervals for Mean (all questions)

Section 7.3: Confidence Intervals for the Standard Deviation (all question)

Section 5.1: Probability Distribution (questions 5-8)


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