I need the answers to be enough but not too long 2 or 3 sentences. and I will attach the book.

I’m studying for my Mathematics class and need an explanation.

Please answer the following questions related to Laplace Transforms (Chp 7). This assignment is due on Friday, 7/3 at noon:

1) What is the advantage of solving differential equations using Laplace Transforms over prior time-domain techniques cover thus far this semester (Chps 1-5)?

2) When using Laplace Transforms, what is the difference in the notation between lower case (i.e. f(t)) and upper case (i.e. F(s)) letters?

3) If the Laplace Transform is an integral as shown in Sec 7.1, pg 438, equation #1, how can Dr. Tran claim that the Laplace Transform technique does not require use of Calculus? Is he crazy? Please explain.

4) Now that we are at the end of the summer “online” course, how has learning online gotten easier (or harder) for you? How was this the same or different than what you experienced in Spring? Give 2-3 things you liked about the summer course. Please share any thoughts on how things can be improved.


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