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his assignment is based on the Patients’ Use of the Internet for Medical Information article that you read. After you have read the article, you are to answer the following questions in a word document.

This week’s article researched a question around Internet use by patients for obtaining health-related information. Using postal-mail delivered surveys mailed to a random sample of 1,000 patients at a practice in 2002, the research would be considered out-of-context today, for sure. However, in 2002, the idea of using the Internet for health information was still relatively new, and its use was increasing rapidly.

  1. Consider Table 1 in the article.
    1. What level-of-measurement is the variable Annual Income? Explain your choice.
    2. Generally (not statistically) characterize how you see Education level and Income as influencing the use of the Internet for health information in this sample.
    3. The standard deviation of age is provided for both groups of respondents. Which group has the greater variability? What does this mean in layman’s terms?
    4. Why does the standard deviation have a more easily understood meaning than the variance to describe variability?
  2. In the study, the authors use an odds ratio to describe the relationship between several variables. Using a source of your choosing, research the meaning of an odds ratio and apply your understanding of it to the relationship between education level and income level to the use of the Internet for health information – that is, interpret the meaning of the authors’ results. The odds ratio values for each relationship are provided in the research.
  3. We characterize statistics as inferential or descriptive. How would you characterize the statistics used in this research article – discuss your response.
  4. Provide an example from the article where the authors use an ordinal level of measurement Justify your selection.


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